Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Everyone loves a good cushion, right?

  I don't know about you but I sure love a nice cushion or two... or three! I have been using my spare time from dolly making to stitch me up some pillow beauties. Have you ever tried making your own? The great thing about sewing your own cushions is that you can adapt your design to your own skill level... two squares of your favourite material simply sewn and stuffed, or a complex and intricate patchwork piece backed with a hidden zip closing, either way you end up with something beautiful, something YOU made.

I found this gorgeous embroidery pattern over at Urban Threads, its from their Anima collection, I fell in love with it and dropped everything to start stitching it straight away, this behaviour is exactly why my to-do list and unfinished project stack is getting bigger and bigger! lol  I used some lovely blush coloured Irish Linen, which was a joy to work with, and a simple envelope closing at the back (you can find a great tutorial on this here).

 Now, if you didn't know, let me tell you, I am a Liberty Fabric obsessive, and I covet every single piece in my small but growing collection! I have mentioned before that I get most of my Liberty from Alice Caroline, and in their beautiful online shop you will find packs of precut shapes like the little squares I used to make this patchwork cushion. Easy peasy.... if you fancy having a go at something like this have a look at this great tutorial over on Fussy Cut!

And speaking of Liberty, if you pop over to their craft blog you will find instructions on how to make this cute cloud pillow. I stitched the word 'Slumber' on mine and I kinda wish I hadn't, I can't make up my mind if I like that part or not :)

Can you spot the skinny little Greyhound butt in this pic? lol

So go on grab yourself a piece of fabric, embroider it, appliqué it, bead it, draw on it, needle felt on to it, make a bit of patchwork, or even knit or crochet, raid your wardrobe for those tops or dresses that you never wear but love the colour of and make a cushion!!!!

Phew... all this looking at pictures of my bed makes me want to get in to it!! Goodnight all :)

Sunday, 13 April 2014


Little Roma was a custom made order from before Christmas that I really should have shared before now! She was ordered by the lovely Natasha who told me that the real Roma was crazy about art, so we thought it was only fitting that her dolly namesake was too!!

I made her artists palette from felt, using teeny pieces for the 'paint' which I pressed, rolled and sort of felted them on to the main piece, I sculpted the tiny paintbrush from fimo clay!

I never really expected for the majority of my work to be custom orders when I initially started Lou Loves This, but I am more than happy that it is! It is easily my favourite kind of work, and very healthy for the creative muscles! I love hearing each story, who the doll is for and why, what colours to use, personality traits......

Roma's little hairband is made from turquoise Irish Linen with felt and her dress is made from Liberty fabric. Don't you just love the print of this? I get all of my Liberty pieces from the lovely Alice Caroline.

I hope everyone is having a perfectly lazy Sunday! I am working on and owl made from Donegal Tweed that will be flitting off to France soon, which is not a bad way to spend a Sunday :)

Oh, and if you would like a custom made Lou Loves This doll of your own or for someone special, drop me a line! All my links are over there on the right, the best place to get me is on my Facebook page.

Lou x

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Luna Lapin...

I know, I know, its been too long... I think I you hibernate? I may be making a habit of it judging by the last few winters lol. Anyways Spring has finally sprung and I am awfully glad! We are in full on 'up-and-at-'em' mode at Chez Lou. Things have been going well for my little dollies, I had a crazy busy Christmas, stitching 12 or 13 hours a day, not that I'm complaining... I LOVED it! I stitched some tattooed dolls and made a little artist and even stitched a whole family of five children, ! I should do a montage and share some photos soon.

I digress... I wanted to share with you my version of Cool Crafting's Luna Lapin...

Isn't she lovely? I am in love with her! I was lucky enough to be at the Creative Stiches and Hobbycraft Show in Glasgow recently and Cool Crafting were our sweet neighbours for the four days of the show, I spotted Luna on set up day and knew she was coming home with me! She comes as a kit that has everything you need, including some beautiful liberty fabric for her dress! I also picked up a kit for her coat, she has a whole wardrobe of clothes that you can make for her!

Speaking of her coat....

I want one just like it please! The pattern is perfectly written and, as I mentioned, has everything you need down to the very thread! I hand stitched all of her, that's my preferred method, but you could absolutely use a machine for her dress and coat... I just love all the wee details!

I think she needs a beau.... maybe he's a sailor, with a moustache and a navy pea coat? Maybe his name is Bill, or Doug? I named her Céline by the way... which I'm told means moon.

I hope everyone is feeling the joys of Spring....

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Follow us on facebook!!

It's where it's all happening! Lou Loves This on Facebook!

I have so much to share with you all, I have been making and crafting, I've been to the Knitting and Stitching Show in Alexandra Palace (not one photo was taken lol far too excited!) I adopted a gorgeous rescue greyhound named Rumer, my dolls are jet setting all over the place and are in a beautiful new haberdashery store! Christmas orders are flying in.... of course, if I was a better blogger you guys would know all this right?
I am feeling quite blessed to be able to do something I love, something that is good for my soul, everyday... stitching!

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Off to Birmingham!

Very excited here at Lou Loves This!!! I am off to the Birmingham Quilt Festival! I will be at stand A57 with Fabric Affair! If you will also be there, do pop over and say hello! I will have these lovely ladies with me.....and perhaps a few others ;)


Sunday, 23 June 2013


I'm a little late to the party and all, but as Google Reader is going very soon... here's the link to follow me on Bloglovin 

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After 1st July 2013, you will no longer be subscribed to Lou Loves This, and it would make me very sad indeed to loose any of you lovely followers so, if you haven't already signed up to Bloglovin' it's super easy and I think I might even like it better than Google Reader!

Also, I must admit I have been a rather rubbish blogger as of late... but I have loads of dollies to share with you soon ;)

Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Audrey & Val's Teaparty!

Remember a while back the lovely Jacklyn over at Oh By Golly hosted a giveaway of my doll Clara? Well she was won by the awesome Jill and her daughters Audrey and Valerie!!

Audrey & Valerie enjoying their tea party!

Jill sent me these photos eons ago (sorry Jill! :D) of a very special tea party that Audrey, Val & their friend Mackenzie threw for Clara! How darling!

Audrey & Mackenzie serving Clara her tea :)

Clara and her tiny teacup and teapot :)
Can you see all the gorgeous little teacups and teapots and spoons? Not to mention the mini piano and that cake stand full of yummy sticky buns! So sweet... as a wee girl, I would have been in heaven!! Jill tells me that no other dolls were invited as Audrey felt that Clara was 'too important' lol
Ohhh... look at her!! Pouring herself some refreshment... she's so cute!

Thanks to the wonders of Facebook, I have kept in touch will Jill, she is so lovely and witty too, she obviously dotes on her two beautiful girls... also, I think that Val is probably the funniest kid... ever!

Miss Clara, chillin'
So thank you ladies, for sending me these pics...You made my heart happy :)
PS ...can I move in and have tea parties too? lol